Fun Facts and Recent News:
Check out the latest fun from the EV world.

Electric Vehicle Savings Calculator:
The Savings Calculator offered by the Center for Sustainable Energy shows which EV incentives you qualify for, how the incentives can be combined, and the total amount you may be able to save an a new or used vehicle.

HOV Lane Stickers:
Purple HOV lane stickers are available for new vehicle purchases only. They expire January 1, 2023. Red HOV lane stickers expire January 1, 2022.

More information available from the Department of Motor Vehicles and the California Air Resources Board.

Electricity Rates in San Diego:
After reviewing recommended rate structures for electric vehicles. Join us at the EV Association Monthly Presentation to talk with other EV drivers about what rate structure they use.

Federal Tax Credit:
To take advantage of the full $7,500 federal tax credit you must have $7,500 in federal tax liability. Otherwise, the credit is limited to your total tax liability. (eg. $5,800 in tax liability = $5,800 tax credit.) There is no carry forward.

Tesla reached the tax credit reduction trigger in Q3, 2018. Thus, if you take delivery of a new Tesla:
Before 6/30/2019 maximum tax credit = $3,750
7/1/19 to 12/31/2019 maximum tax credit = $1,875

GM reached the tax credit reduction trigger in Q4, 2018. Thus, if you take delivery of a new Chevy Volt/Bolt:
Before 9/30/2019 maximum tax credit = $3,750
10/1/19 to 3/31/2020 maximum tax credit = $1,875

State Rebate: $2,500:
Low income filers can qualify for an additional $2,000.
(see CVRP website for income levels)

Other Rebates and Grants: (used cars)
Clean Vehicle Assistance Program
Current funding exhausted. New funding may be released in 2019.

SDG&E/Plug In America: “Champions for Clean Air Rebate” – $1,000 rebate for first responders and teachers when purchasing a new EV or PHEV. Must live and work in SDG&E service area. This is a point of sale/dealer program.

SDG&E EV/PHEV Climate Credit: The amount varies by year. You must live in SDG&E service area. Follow the link for more information.