How to Write a Letter to the Editor (LTE):

This quick and easy how-to is specifically tailored to the San Diego Union Tribune. While most tips apply broadly to all publications, make sure to check the requirements for the specific publication where you will be submitting your letter.

How to construct:

  1. Reference the story or a specific part (line, thought, etc.) of the story.  A short reference praising the writer or paper works well. Only write LTEs for articles published within the last week.
  2. Make sure you relate the issue to EVs: cleaner, cheaper, safer, or more fun to drive.
  3. Identify a solution to a problem: reduces asthma, reduces climate change impacts, reduces air pollution, reduces noise.
  4. Close creatively by employing a rhetorical device such as repetition, a play on words, or closing the circle from the letter’s beginning.
  5. Try to incorporate the use of metaphors and wit, and always be respectful.

Format and Restrictions: (San Diego Union Tribune only)

  1. maximum word count: 150
  2. To be considered for publication, a letter must include a full name, community of residence and a daytime phone number (not for publication) and, if mailed, be signed. (UT rules)
  3. Letter should not use talking points verbatim
  4. Letters should not include affiliation with the EV Association of San Diego (all letters with this reference get treated as a block which decreases likelihood of publishing).

Recent Articles Perfect for Submitting an LTE:

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