Busting The EV Myths

There are lots of misinformation and myths around electric cars. Below are some of the myths and sources to bust them. Stay informed!

  1. Myth: EVs don’t have enough range: https://www.electricauto.org/blog/monthly-myth-evs-dont-have-enough-range 
  2. Myth: Charging an EV isn’t convenient: https://www.electricauto.org/blog/monthly-myth-charging-an-ev-isnt-convenient
  3. Myth: EVs just swap the tailpipe for a smokestack: https://www.electricauto.org/blog/evs-just-swap-the-tailpipe-for-a-smokestack 
  4. Myth: EVs are too costly to buy, maintain and repair: https://www.electricauto.org/blog/monthly-myth-evs-are-too-costly-to-buy-maintain-and-repair
  5. Myth: Your battery must  be replaced in 5 to 10 years: https://www.electricauto.org/blog/monthly-myth-your-battery-must-be-replaced-in-5-to-10-years
  6. Myth:  There aren’t enough EVs to choose from: https://www.electricauto.org/blog/monthly-myth-monthly-myth-there-arent-enough-evs-to-choose-from
  7. Myth: EVs don’t work in the cold: https://www.electricauto.org/blog/monthly-myth-evs-dont-work-in-the-cold